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My new piece! Epic Theatre and 8" Heels: The unlikely academic rigor of RuPaul's Drag Race, and its intersection with Bertolt Brecht.

My piece in Salon about the intersection of the wedding industrial complex and reality TV.

I'm called a "compelling" "standout" in an anthology with notable women writers like Deb Margolin and Rachel Kramer Bussell. 

My essay in Park Slope reader about coverage, Lyme and the defensive nature of the word "chronic". 

 We're on The!

 We're on The!


My featured article in Bitch Magazine's Pulp Issue: "Pulp Nonfiction: The Unnerving Fascination with Prime Time True Crime"


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Jill and Steve's Engagement, Polka Dot Bride

A strange, specific and enduring subculture in South Brooklyn