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"We are on earth to build meaningful, lasting relationships. We are here to help one another navigate through the best and the worst of times."

A sight-motorcycles, inventive facial hair, the elderly and infants sharing a parking lot to raise awareness. I brought my father, whose experience with MS never involved community- they started staying in when her illness worsened. I was here to meet Shannon, an activist and Karen, an Iron Maiden and the event’s organizer.  Karen was being courted by press, hugging supporters, laughing on her Harley. She’s electrifying.  She’s harnessing social media in tribute of her grandmother (who lost her battle with MS in her 60’s) as well as the young people she met when she began working for the National MS Society. Pairing media relations expertise with love of riding, she’s come up with a fundraising campaign both entertaining and educational- The Iron Maidens. It’s a brilliant, sexy campaign, basically hot, savvy bike-riding women raising money- more than $40,000 as of that day. Chalk it up to the power of women in leather pants and social media ingenuity.  Imagine, a few months of posting photos and inspiring messages, activating the mostly blue-collared motorcycle community and raising thousands.