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My asshole thoughts on this asshole jury

Added on by Nadine Friedman.

Cory Booker specifically told us on Twitter not to curse the jury, but I'm going to anyway because today is full of salt, and returned "firearms" and conservative radio victory laps for murderer George Zimmerman. And yes, SYG laws and Florida and sinister prosecution/Zimmerman Sr. conspiracy theories and bungled case and bad witnesses and underlying hatred of black men, but let's start with this motherfucking JURY.

What Florida swamp did they have to dry up to find 6 women who hadn't heard shit about this case, or at least pretend hadn't? How is it even possible? And the cross-section of jurors- gun owning, dog saving, property owning, "the black or hispanic one"- how did it all add up to them deciding to be less than women, women who have experienced the shared terror of walking home alone at night? I know Florida's not Brooklyn and its alleys, poorly lit and solitary subway stations and late bars. But there's grocery store parking lots, and scumbag relatives and misogynist, racist policymakers and no mental health care and horrible courts, so women are alone there too. They're alone everywhere, we see it more and more everyday.  And yet these women clearly show that the latent belief black men are hot-tempered, uncivilized predators supersedes the shared fear of walking home alone. Trayvon was a little boy who lived his last moments in terror. Too many women do, whether the monsters are a husband, uncle, friend, stranger, psychotic vigilante bigots. And yet, he didn't deserve their empathy.

This is what's driving me to distraction. I want to know exactly who these women are, and I want their lives to be at least temporarily horrible as they step out into the world and see what they've done, what message they've sent little black boys- that their lives are worth less than a nutbag's 2nd amendment right to take it. I want them to become horribly depressed and not be able to share their depression, because everyone who knows them would spit on them if they revealed who they are.

I'm going to go ahead and hate the jury right now, #sorrynotsorry. Why not throw Zimmerman in jail for a couple of years at LEAST? Measure the value of a life taken for 5 against one taken forever, one that didn't even start. People hit other people with cars and get manslaughter, they don't stalk, shoot and then lie about it. Did they think they'd get in trouble for "connecting the dots" as De la Rionda said to do and that genteel Confederate thug Mark O'Mara told them they weren't "allowed to"? Would using common sense land them in jail, did they wonder? Did they think Zimmerman (100 pounds lighter than as he sat smugly in front of them last week) stuttering on-the-spot lies to Sean Hannity, doubting him in their guts, was off the table? It's not illegal to use your brains. It's only illegal to have someone stalk and shoot you while you're walking while black.  I mean, isn't that what you're saying? That Trayvon Martin is the guilty one?

When you know exactly what it means to fear for your life, to feel unprotected by society and the world, to hope that maybe that person over there will just walk by you and you can eventually sigh in a shaky, relieved breath, feeling silly. But in the interim, you devise a panicked strategy- where to run, what to yell, will I be able to do either because I'm so paralyzed with horror that someone wants something from me, and I don't even know who they are.

We know what it's like, whether we're homeowners, dog savers, "the black one". We know because we're accidentally born into these bodies and we live in fight or flight, under our skin, whether we know it or not. Trayvon Martin didn't ask to be born black, to be born at all. He only asked for the right to walk home once he was born into this shitty, racist world. And you, you six women should have done better. He was not a Black Predator; he was a boy. But you-mothers, women, victims of the patriarchy no matter how many homes or guns you own- chose to forget, maybe because it also gave you a pass on the logical next step of considering Tracey Martin a father.

You were there to represent "a jury of peers"... and while there's much to debate about what that really means in this system, I'd hazard you're more of a peer to Trayvon than you'd like to believe.

I don't know a shitton about jury mentality but I do know what fear is like and I know it's legal to use your brain and say, "this shit doesn't add up". These women are not me.

And yet, I'm sure, if I was sitting on the jury and Sybrina Fulton looked at me, she'd be thinking the same thing.