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I'm Artist of the Month at Inanna House

Added on by Nadine Friedman.

Inanna House is an amazing organization, and I'm honored to be March 2013's Artist of the Month.

They're doing amazing work for people living with Lyme, a community which I once resisted considering myself a part of. Now, I accept the idea of chronic, but not as a life sentence, or a weakness, or a cosmic joke handed down from the universe from my mother. I only got a 4 month break from disease in my life, watching her disintegrate from MS. The reason I began the MS project is because I had symptoms that I assumed were that; I was also told by all the specialists and doctors I saw it was all in my head. There was nothing wrong with me.

So I started this project to 'cure' myself. If it was psychological, I'd use art to heal the brain and the spirit doing bizarre things to me. If it was MS, maybe I'd learn how to cope. It was neither, and after 13 months of disability, pain, invalidation and tears, I was diagnosed with Lyme.

I still have it, will always, it hides in my cells and on some of the worse days, takes over. And there's no saying when and if I'll ever feel 'good' again. Good is relative. I'm not the athlete I was, or the energetic gadfly, or the person who trusted the medical instution implicitly, or the person who had savings.

But somehow, I'm better now. I have friends who stuck by me, the love of my life. I followed the career I really wanted and I started this project, which heals and humbles me.

So that's good.