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My latest, on 'The Hairpin'

Added on by Nadine Friedman.

Humbled to be part of a conversation about a subject that seems to carry something of a taboo, and highlights exactly why the right to choose should be inalienable. 

I'm pro-choice, ferociously so; but an unexpected pregnancy and miscarriage showed me the other side of the notion of 'choice'; namely, that I didn't want my choice, that keeping is as hard a decision as abortion, and nothing is black and white. I used to think abortions were an obvious choice, until I was faced with it. And then felt the loss of something that, it turned out, I did want.

The comments on the essay, and Twitter RPs, are a great show of solidarity and compassion. many women go through this quietly, or alone, and are left to grieve. One woman was told her 'clump of cells' weren't even real; maybe true (I know I didn't register mine as anything more) but they were still a part of her. Again, 'choice' is a complicated thing. And a pro-choicer giving abortion a second thought is, of course, part of the right to choose. No right-wing headcase fucking conservative MAN should insinuate themselves into that intimate, difficult decision that, in the end, is only a woman's to make and live with.

The decision, this time, was made for me, like it is for many women.